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© 2019 by Casey Nicole Fox

My Mission Trip: 3 Things I Learned In a Dirt Church

The first Mission Trip I went on was in 2015. I was terrified. I was traveling to a third world country, where I was told that I might get bed bugs from the hotel sheets and lice from the children, who might try to pickpocket us so nothing too flashy! I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘high maintenance’ kind of girl; I do get my nails, eyelashes, and hair done but I did grow up in the south with horses, guns, knives, and dirt roads… This seemed to be a different kind of dirty though.

I decided to go on the trip because I felt called to change the world. I still feel that way. My first mission trip changed my life. I saw the world through a different pair of eyes. I realized just how ‘privileged’ I am living in the USA.

My most recent mission trip was from December 5-7th in San Quintin, Baja California. We went to give toys to children who had none and to give food for a month to their families. This mission trip changed my life in a different way.


Going on this trip reminded me of my purpose. It reminded me of why I fight so hard to be massively successful. It reminded me of the burning passion inside of me that makes me laser focused on every aspect of my life.


I always knew I wanted to have orphanages and schools around the world, but this trip showed me how much they are needed. My perspective changed from how do I give handouts to how do I give hand-ups?


We tend to underestimate just how much joy can do for someone’s life. Giving someone joy, pouring love into their life, giving them hope - all of these seem so small but they make HUGE changes in the lives of those we touch.

You don’t have to go on a mission trip to change the life of someone in need. Smile at someone on the subway. Tell someone you like their outfit. Be kind. Be generous. Give joy. Give hope. Be the light to others.

You are blessed to be a blessing. Give what you have, even if it’s just a smile, you never know if that’s the one thing someone needs to make it through the day.

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