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© 2019 by Casey Nicole Fox

What Are You Starting?

The first time I started a business, I needed a lot of help. I was 22 years old and no idea what I was doing. I had to buy a second fridge and convince people to try my food to buy my brand new meal prep service. Thankfully, I had a fantastic mentor who helped me through it every step of the way.

The first time I ran a half marathon, I was overconfident in my ability to run. I had run 8 miles before, 13 was nothing! I had planned to train, but I procrastinated, and then it was the day before, and I knew I couldn’t back out. I paid for this - I was going to do it! I could barely walk for three days afterward, but I did it! I didn’t have to have a golf cart come around and carry me off!! The aftermath of what running 13.1 miles on an untrained body was indeed a wake-up call for me. I shouldn’t have procrastinated practicing.

The first time I spoke in front of a large group of people I was in high school, and I was supposed to read a chapter from a book out loud to the class from the front. I choked up. I turned bright red. I literally couldn’t even say one word. I didn’t even know that I was afraid of public speaking until that moment. I felt like a failure in that instant.

I easily remember the first time I spoke in front of 350 people was on a stage that I had spent nearly 12 months coordinating. At first, I was nervous, I didn’t really have a solid speech outlined! The more that I was just myself on that stage and the more I just spoke to the audience as if we were having a conversation the more natural it got. I realized that the fear of public speaking doesn’t ever really go away 100%, but you do learn how to push past that fear and do it anyway.

The first time I wrote an article I felt like it was pointless, who wanted to hear my point of view? Then someone commented on it and told me that what I wrote was precisely what they needed to hear that day.

The first time I started a business I learned a lot, especially that I needed a mentor. My first half marathon I learned I needed to practice no matter how confident I was. The first time I spoke at my high school I learned that fear can be physically crippling. My first significant speech I learned how to push past that fear. The first article I learned that you never know when your words could change someone’s life.

Doing things for the first time is scary. It is hard. It is frustrating. Most of all though, it is rewarding. Every new door you open is filled with new opportunities just waiting for you to take them! Every time you try something new, you learn something new, something about yourself, something that will help you to grow. Remember, the first time you run, you won’t run a marathon without ever running 1 mile. The first time you lifted a weight, you didn’t lift 250lbs. Success is the same way, you won’t make a million the first day you open, but you will take the initial steps to make that first million! I challenge you, go try something new. What are you going to try?

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